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As a straight man, sometimes I want to play the roll of the girl in a heterosexual encounter. I want to imagine my female fantasy-self being fucked by a fit guy.


It should be noted that I do not regard this as a homosexual fantasy. The encounter involves a man having sex with a woman. Since the fantasy does not involve two men, I don’t see it as a gay fantasy, at least not in it’s pure sense. Although others are welcome to disagree.

Also, I am not attracted to men in real life. Indeed, this has caused issues problems in immersing myself in the fantasy as I don’t want to imagine myself being with real life men. But I have found solutions to this problem and will discuss it later.

I would also note that I do have one rather restricted male/male fantasy which I would regard as homosexual in nature. But even that does not involve real life men. However, I will not discuss that here.

There is one scenario where the encounter could be regarded as homosexual, and that is where I engage in a lesbian fantasy. However, since this involves a man fantasising about a female having sex with another female, the homosexual nature of the encounter is not clear, at least from the man’s perspective.

Neither is it a trans-sexual fantasy. I am happy being a man in real life and have no desire to transform into a woman. There are various reasons that are practical and philosophical for this.

If anything, I would define the fantasy as cross-sexual as I am temporarily crossing over. The elements of both heterosexuality and homosexuality are present in the fantasy, but is not fully either.


So what is the appeal of this fantasy? There are a number of factors.

Playing the object of my own desires

While playing the woman, I am taking the role of a person who I would desire as a man. I am attracted to woman and their bodies. I like how they look and feel. In the fantasy I can take the role of a woman with such a body myself. I can create fantasy people who I would like to be successful with as a man. In doing so, I effectively fulfill my male fantasies.

Satisfying my fetishes

As a man, I have certain fetishes and preferences relating to sex acts and clothing. I have generally not been able to engage with these in real life for various reasons. Of course, whenever I play a woman, she will wear the clothes I find attractive as a man and enjoy the sex acts that appeal to me as a man. In consequence, the sexual encounter will effectively be perfect because the fantasy woman I am playing will meet and be fulfilled by the man’s desires.

The perception that sex is better and easier for woman

Now this is a controversial reason. I have a perception that, when sex is done well, the woman enjoys it more. To be honest, I have no idea if it is true, but this perception partially drives the appeal of this fantasy. I know that sex is often not good for women in many cases in real life. But in terms of this fantasy, the woman I play always gets the best experience out of the encounter


Another good reason is that a version of my real male self can be inserted in the fantasy. This means that in a round-about way, I get to succeed with the women I most desire, fulfilling my male sexual preferences and fetishes. There are other advantages to this which I will discuss later.

Developing Self-awareness

This is more of an incidental benefit, but it is still interesting. When playing the woman, I do get an insight into what it is like to be a woman and wear woman’s clothes. For example, as a man I find tights sexy. But when play the woman, the act of wearing tights may actually feel quite mundane, especially as tights are actually a rather common piece of clothing.

I also get awareness about myself as a man. I start to ask questions about whether I would be attracted to myself in real life. Sometimes the answers to these questions can be equally insightful and unsettling.


The biggest problem I initially found with the fantasy is who should play the role of the male.

I do not feel comfortable imagining either real men, or even fictional male characters, for two reasons. Firstly, I am not attracted sexually to men and that causes an issue in playing out the fantasy, as I feel uncomfortable or even repulsed at the idea of having sex with a real man. Secondly, I don’t like the idea that real or even fictional men should succeed with the gorgeous fantasy women I’m playing, even if the act is imaginary. The problem is that I see these males as rivals and don’t want them to succeed with the gorgeous woman I created.

Another solution is to imagine the man is faceless. However, this mean the male partner lacks character, spoiling the immersion.

But I have found two broad solutions.

Firstly, as mentioned above, I insert a version of myself into the fantasy. It is of course a more muscular and confident version of myself. But it is recognisable as me. I find I have no issue in imagining a version of myself lusting over and having sex with the female character I have created. This is an ideal solution. Not only is it effectively an act of self-love, but it also means I am fulfilling my ultimate desires through the female role I am playing.

However, it’s good to have some variety and the male partner and that brings me to the second solution: Fictional character customisation.

Many video games allow you to create your own characters, including choosing their facial features and hair. I have no issue with imagining having sex with a fictional male character I have created myself. He is purely fictional and has a personality I have created. Thus he not a perceived rival. Thus my female self can bang him without issue.

Anyway, these are my thoughts on playing the girl as a heterosexual male. Please feel free to engage in a conversation or ask questions in the comments, if that appeals to you.